The platform is based on the advanced, central computer system and netbooks provided with the audiometric earphones and the button of a tested person. The computers communicate with the central database by Internet. The device makes it possible to perform the following tests:

  • audiometric test - "Audiogram 2009"
  • hearing screening test - "I can hear 2009"
  • speech screening test - "I can speak 2009"
  • visual screening test - "I can see 2009"
  • audiological questionnaire - "Questionnaire"
  • DDT test
  • GDT test

Through application of the advanced computer technology, SENSE EXAMINATION PLATFORM makes it possible to perform the screening tests and to store the results of the tests automatically in the central database as well as to analyse them comprehensively. The stored results feature a unique identifier, therefore the complete protection of personal data of the tested people is provided according to the operative legal regulations and recommendations of the Chief Inspector of Personal Data Protection (GIODO). This solution guarantees that the epidemiological analysis can be performed in the areas where any devices cooperating with SENSE EXAMINATION PLATFORM are used.

Thanks to the applied on-line solutions, it will be also possible to provide every user of the Platform with the statistics and to send them directly information about recommendations for persons whose test results are incorrect.

For convenience of the users, the device is equipped with the automatic software update engine. This solution guarantees that the latest software version and the up-to-date version of the survey template are installed in the User's device. In order to start an automatic update, it is only required to connect the device to Internet. All procedures related to checking of the software version and any update are performed automatically without any operation of a User.

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