Gold medal for the SENSE EXAMINATION PLATFORM at the VII
International Salon of research, innovation and new
technologies "MEDINNOVA - 2011", in Morocco.

Between 30 November - 3 December in Casablanca in Morocco took place International Salon of research, innovation and new technologies "MEDINNOVA - 2011" dedicated to technology transfer and implementation of technical progress.

The fair was attended by research institutes, universities, technical colleges, research and implementation enterprises and the Moroccan government institutions supporting research and implementation. Among foreign exhibitors were representatives of the Spain, France, Russia and Poland.

Presented at the fair solutions involved issues from different fields Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Environment, Recycling, Medicine and medical techniques, Energy, Engineering, Microelectronics, Science and Engineering, Building, Information and Communications Technology and others.

The Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing in cooperation with the Institute of Sensory Organs presented the Senses Examination Platform, which is a portable device similar to notebook, used for screening of hearing, eyesight and speech among children, teenagers and people that need special education. Senses Examination Platform has received many awards and medals in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, the medial from „MEDINNOVA 2011” Fair is the first that was brought from the African continent.

Polish stand was visited by Mr Dariusz Osiak, the first Secretary of the Department of Trade Promotion and Investments of the Polish Embassy in Casablanca, who also participated in ceremonial reward of the medal.

The Fair was organized by Ministry of Education, High Schooling, Education of Personnel and Scientific Research of Morocco together with R&D Foundation (Research & Development), Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies, Ministry of General and Economical Affairs. The inventions were evaluated by Jury, which consisted of the representatives of Ministries and Research Institutions.



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